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Our family of professionals offer global and local experience. The contacts are often driven by non-profit initiatives that allow discounted cutting edge risk management services to clients who qualify. These services save and improve businesses immediately. From its founding DCRM has attracted entrepreneurial professionals, who have driven its growth, to become one of the most innovative consulting services in the Southland. Independent researchers Cambridge Associates, has awarded DCRM employees a Service Excellence Award for successful claims and risk management of high profile public entity loss sensitive programs.


We have the experience, and technical support that provides customers with focused inspections and specific comparative effectiveness recommendations specific to industry size and complexity. This support is tailored to your immediate need rather than adding unneeded services and cost.

Why us?

DCRM group can partner with you to provide the following risk management services:

  • Detailed identification and analysis of exposures -- risk profiling
  • Detailed review of existing insurance policies and costs
  • Development of specifications and marketing of insurance programs
  • Assistance with the agent/broker selection process
  • Merger, acquisition and divestiture due diligence reviews
  • Review of contract documents for proper contractual risk transfer
  • Out-sourced risk management services
  • Cost allocation and loss projections
  • Monitoring of insurance company and agent/broker performance
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